Send Him Flying

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Adam H.
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That guy who shouldn't have been in the street got some pretty good air and acrobatic maneuvers, but his bag really got some air. I wonder if all his stuff stayed in the bag. That would be one durable ass knapsack.

  • sharkkiller1 November 30, 2013

    it retards like that. that cause us to have to pay a shitload of money to insurence companies

  • solidbriscoe November 30, 2013

    Put out of misery.

  • frankdrebin November 30, 2013

    i heard David Blaine's new trick involves crossing a russian street

  • urapnes1701d November 30, 2013

    I'm almost tempted to go to Russia with a lawn chair and sit road side and watch all the calamity that happen.

  • thunderbutt November 30, 2013

    No good, the wind took him.

  • assmasterson November 30, 2013

    Why did the backpacking hippie cross the road? He didn't.

  • rockinron November 30, 2013

    how many points is that since it was at night?

  • fistermister December 1, 2013

    That knocked the knots-out-that-niggah's-hair!

  • biggertalk December 1, 2013

    did i do that

  • ohwickedwendi December 1, 2013

    I. Want. A. Dashcam.

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