What Happened To Your Skin Bro?

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Adam H.
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I'm thinking it probably really sucks to not have any skin on your arm. I wonder what happened to him. Maybe the neighborhood kids skinned him while he was asleep so they could cook up some dinner.

  • xizang December 4, 2013

    Time for a skin transplant.

    Reminds me of the old tobacco sack I saw once. It was made from a human scrotum. Pretty cool.

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  • tgarner December 4, 2013

    I just learned now to say "That Fucking Hurts" in another language!

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  • crazyvet December 4, 2013

    This is one of those guys that likes to stick his entire arm up someones ass.

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  • goodster December 4, 2013

    Adam,, does the H. in your last name mean Henry?? You were the one to post this On 10/11/2011! It's the top one in Related Shit.

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  • fistermister December 4, 2013

    Why bother? He's just going to go out and do stupid shit again.

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  • urapnes1701d December 4, 2013

    Why do you have to take Henry's Job Adam? Isn't it enough that we have one reposter; now we gotta have 2?

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  • ohwickedwendi December 4, 2013

    Dude--your skin isn't gonna grow back another color...sorry.

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  • solidbriscoe December 4, 2013

    That's what you get for sticking your arm up that homos ass.

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  • rockinron December 4, 2013

    may as well chop it off. before it rots off. one way or the other its definately coming off!

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  • solidbriscoe December 4, 2013

    Try krokodil.. That'll come right off. No problem.

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  • biggertalk December 5, 2013

    dumb white ppl

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