Caught The Bitch Cheating

It sounds like the bitch wasn't cooking, cleaning and doing all her wifely duties, and now he caught the bitch getting dicked by another man. I guess it's time to plaster this whore all over the internet and make her a star. No alimony for you, you cheating slut.

  • crazyvet December 5, 2013

    And you are proud you have been taking care of this slut since the wedding?

  • tonyk December 5, 2013

    Dude, isn't it obvious why there is no food in the fridge?

  • frankdrebin December 5, 2013

    sloppy slut's gonna be riding the bus licking her lips looking for random cocks

  • johnhancock December 5, 2013

    Dumb Bitch

  • thebobo December 5, 2013

    Talk about a cock block.

  • fistermister December 5, 2013

    He's wrong, he said nothing is getting done around here.

  • kilo_g December 5, 2013

    She got caught cheating, the guy can at least show her big naked tittiees to everyone.

  • azzholee December 5, 2013

    he should be arrested, you cannot do that to a woman !

  • screwyou December 5, 2013

    Its my turn!!!! Im number five!!!! Go back in line buddy.

  • donunderstan December 5, 2013

    Seriously bro, you never noticed that when you got home from work and spread her legs that it looked like opening a grilled cheese sammich? It's on you dude.

  • gapbasher December 5, 2013

    vengeance is sweet sir, enjoy paying alimony cunt.

  • 2indastink December 5, 2013

    fake shit......don't waste my life.

  • happyjack December 5, 2013

    Can't blame her for cheating, dude sounds like a little bitch.

  • solidbriscoe December 5, 2013

    She didn't feel that \"grief\" twenty minutes earlier..

  • dozer67 December 5, 2013

    kick her rat dog after the camera goes off..

  • bigtalk December 5, 2013

    White women are the biggest hoes never make one a wife.

  • ohwickedwendi December 5, 2013

    ^Shut the fuck up, bigtalk--no one wants to hear what your racist ass has to say anyway^

  • rockinron December 5, 2013

    well atleast the guy was white and he's letting her live!

  • biggertalk December 6, 2013

    I betcha it was a black man she was fucking. White women can't resist. Hidden evil knows what I'm talking about.

  • dewthejew242 December 6, 2013

    Right after that he killed the Fucking dog

  • goodster December 7, 2013

    ^^^dozer.. Why wait?,,Kick it now!

  • tookalook December 9, 2013

    My personal version of this included punching the fuck outta the dude

  • joeytrainwreck April 24, 2014

    not the dudes fault... this bitch is the lowest form of life on the planet... laying around getting fucked all day while hubs is working

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