Death On The Snowy Russian Roadway

Driving in Russia is dangerous enough already, but driving in Russia when it's snowing is just asking for trouble. An entire family in that car is now dead. Be sure to pour some vodka on the side of the road in memory of them.

  • rockinron December 15, 2013

    damn that sucks! hope they got all their christmas shopping done!

  • 2indastink December 15, 2013

    Run it off Vlad....

  • sharkbait December 15, 2013

    Russians just can't get a brake.

  • frankdrebin December 15, 2013

    i guess all that ice skating talent doesn't translate well to roads

  • ouch December 15, 2013

    20 seconds of video and the clip runs for 1.04. Stop jacking off while doing your job. I typed this one handed fvbdjvk;lmvjifpvndaflkvnhjjvlnbdf

  • potrostation December 15, 2013

    Ended like the Saprano's.

  • morbuis669 December 15, 2013

    Snow and death are two of Russia's greatest accomplishments.

  • killtacular December 15, 2013

    IF you wanna get loose...without a big noose...Spokane...

  • solidbriscoe December 15, 2013

    Blood on the windshield!! Amazing!!! Sad, yet compellingly amazing!

  • biggertalk December 16, 2013


  • handsomedevil December 16, 2013

    two things you'l never see- a black russian and me driving on russian black ice.

  • rouge_et_blanc December 16, 2013

    The part filmed in the daytime was awesome but the night shots were a little too dark. Or was that biggertalk in the coal cellar with no matches?

  • donunderstan December 16, 2013

    Why don't the Russians or Chinese run out of people?

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