Car Bomb Takes Out Some Soldiers

The fun just never stops in the Middle East. If it ain't RPGs, mortars or rusty machete blades doing the trick, we can always count on a good car bomb to get the job done. Allahu Akbar!

  • frankdrebin December 16, 2013

    a car bomb is like a bug lamp to a middle eastener

  • fistermister December 16, 2013

    Does anyone know the color of his eyes? That's right BLEW!

  • vulture December 16, 2013

    all 4 are now in Alans Snack Bar beating the shit out of the one that opened the door

  • iluvkitty December 16, 2013

    I think the Black bird flying away did it.

  • slippy December 16, 2013

    hope those were middle east soldiers & not U.S

  • crazyvet December 16, 2013

    Another cowardly act by a religion that hides behind peace and love.

  • xizang December 16, 2013

    American taxpayers keep buying that shit for Obama to send over to his al-Queda and Muslim Brotherhood buddies.

  • rockinron December 16, 2013

    merry christmas ya filthy animals!!

  • assmasterson December 16, 2013

    Hot-wiring: you're doing it wrong.

  • biggertalk December 17, 2013

    Thanks Bush. @slippy you're a sick fuck, kill yourself.

  • slippy December 18, 2013

    ^ eat shit nigger lip!

  • gimmy77 December 20, 2013

    birds grabbing the flying peaces of the dudes in mid air well they did something good in their lives keeping the birdies full

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