Magazine Emptied On This Muslim

Here is your daily dose of Muslim death coming from whatever shit hole country over there that they are killing each other for Allah's blessings of many sheep to fuck. Or something like that.

  • captjim December 17, 2013

    It's like they play GTA for real

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  • zmolez December 17, 2013

    That's a stiff penalty for cutting in line at the snackbar

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  • pinkdildolickr December 17, 2013

    “This is the AK-47 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of your enemy; and it makes a distinctive sound when fired at you, so remember it."

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  • assmasterson December 17, 2013

    Amateurs. Everyone knows you shoot the head last.

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  • bigtalk December 17, 2013

    What ever happen to shooting at his feet to make him dance first.

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  • tuck8541 December 17, 2013

    29/30 rounds wasted!

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  •   crazyvet December 17, 2013

    You are right @tuck. He was only hit by the first shot and maybe one more out of all that concentrated gunfire.

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  • madkraze December 17, 2013

    Dam right in the ass sick fuck lol u know he did that shit on purpose

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  • tgarner December 17, 2013

    The size of the ditch is what excited me. You know how many dead muslims you could get in there, WOW!

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  • xizang December 17, 2013

    Has it occurred to any of them that the same thing awaits Muslim extremists in the near future in western countries? Probably not. Not yet.

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  •   fistermister December 17, 2013

    This Muslim bullshit is getting to the point of not interesting. At least we didn't have to listen to them praise Allah Burger King , before or after.

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  •   vulture December 17, 2013

    and i hear on the news this morning they are begging for food from the rest of the world...they will get sweet FA from me

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  • thunderbutt December 17, 2013

    Lead poisoning.

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  • pullmyfinger December 17, 2013

    fucking towel heads. usmc one shot one kill

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  •   goodster December 17, 2013

    I count 4 hits, Max.

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  • palmharbor11 December 17, 2013

    Why would anyone just knell down and just want to murdered? He had both lets free...I would have run away, it could not be worse than what happened. Fucking Arabs think it takes 30 rounds to kill someone? Lets keep in mind that the Arabs lost every war with Israel they ever fought despite out numbering Israel sometimes ten to one.

    They just love those automatic weapons.....

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  •   rockinron December 17, 2013

    they should start useing baseball bats. i mean everything else is begining to bore me. lets get original here guys how about you off someone with a good old babe ruth swing!

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  • silverbolt709 December 17, 2013

    No wonder they have to use the whole magazine. He only hit him like three times out of what 30 rounds.

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  • solidbriscoe December 17, 2013

    I thought that was just Muslim shit coming out of a dead Muslim ass, madkraze.

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  • biggertalk December 18, 2013

    empty magazines on white racists!! you fuck

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  •   handsomedevil December 18, 2013

    i bet he shiite his pants

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  • donunderstan December 18, 2013

    Where'd he learn to shoot? South central LA from some dumbass crip? He missed 26 out of 30. Probably holding his AK sideways.

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