Everyone Line Up For Execution Time

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Adam H.
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Iraqi, Syrian, Libyan, freedom fighter, soldier, rebel, terrorist... I don't know the difference between any of these and I don't really care. I'm pretty sure nobody else does either. Maybe someone could just send us a memo after they all kill each other.

  •   rockinron December 19, 2013

    duck duck duck duck duck duck......fuck it were outta geese lets go to alans snack bar.

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  •   fistermister December 19, 2013

    Duck, duck, duck, duck, goose!

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  •   fistermister December 19, 2013

    You got there just before me Ron. Shit!

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  • frankdrebin December 19, 2013

    stupid fucks... always spare one guy and make him clean all that shit up. Then you only have to clean up one nasty ass corpse with soiled panties

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  •   vulture December 19, 2013

    @whobe ...bollox i was going to put that +1

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  • solidbriscoe December 19, 2013

    I dig how one of them tried to jump! HE must've been the goose. But they shot them all anyway.

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  • palmharbor11 December 19, 2013

    Yeah, Sen John McCain says these guys are fighting for Democracy. This video shows they are Barbarians....not worth sending one dollar to. They want to establish a new Islamist State and do it with US dollars that McCain would like to send them. Syria's leader Assad should introduce them to Napalm from the air and flame throwers from the troops...bullets are too good for them...let them burn.

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  • donunderstan December 19, 2013

    Second to the last guy wins! Talking creating space and separation. Madden would be proud!

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  • sharkkiller1 December 19, 2013

    i was hoping the short dude in green was biggertalk

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  • vaticider December 19, 2013

    1 shot the rest are fakers.

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  • biggertalk December 20, 2013

    imagine what it feels like to know you're gonna get gunned down and die in a few seconds

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  • wicked1 April 6, 2014


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