More Shots Than It Should Have Taken

Please tell me that wasn't a real gun the cop was shooting, because if he can't put a man down from 8 feet away, I really don't know what to say about that. Somebody please light a match now.

  •   crazyvet December 20, 2013

    It would have been cheaper to just say bang, bang, bang, and ended with the same results.

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  • zonk December 20, 2013

    rubber bullets

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  • frankdrebin December 20, 2013

    "Change that ugly shirt! Change that ugly shirt!" pop pop pop

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  • pinkdildolickr December 20, 2013

    Some kind of less-than-lethal garbage, bean bags or something.

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  • solidbriscoe December 20, 2013

    Give the man a ciggie and a light...

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  •   rockinron December 20, 2013

    damn they stopped almost turned into a pig roast!

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  • fuzelogic December 20, 2013

    dumbass stopped dropped and rolled and the fucker wasn't even on fire

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  • ohwickedwendi December 20, 2013

    What--they shoot him with bean bags??

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  •   allcaps December 21, 2013

    Must have been in Seattle...the cops say "hey you with the knife, come here"....Then shoot you 4 times in the chest at pointblank range when you turn around and do as they say, and then pay your surviving family a million plus dollars and the cop is

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  • biggertalk December 21, 2013

    lmao no it wasn't a real gun numbnuts

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  •   allcaps December 21, 2013

    free to go as he please because they couldn't prove he shot him on purpose

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  • rouge_et_blanc December 21, 2013

    Car registration was from Holland so I assume it took place there. Do they shoot blanks in Holland?

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  • 257javii June 22, 2014

    they obviously could not use real guns cause the guy was throwing gasoline all over the fucking place people! muzzle flash and gas do not mix well if you didnt know..

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