This Is How Morons Cross The Street

Was this moron trying to get hit by a car? I have to think he was because it's hard to believe anybody is this fucking stupid. He won't be winning any Frogger tournaments, I'll tell you that much.

  • toreal December 22, 2013

    You know he had to be white.

  • rollin-fatties December 22, 2013

    he saw the vans stop, thought the driver in car would stop...had to be a black driver in a stolen vehicle on his way to the crack den.

  • frankdrebin December 22, 2013

    asian driver, asian ped, someone dead

  • solidbriscoe December 22, 2013

    Dude!!! You dropped your vodka!!! Party foul...

  • goodster December 22, 2013

    Hey,,, wait for meeeeeeeee!!!!

  • livan December 22, 2013

    Yes, exactly, Vodka! (Where jokes about vodka?) This little from Ukraine and Russia differ.

  • morbuis669 December 22, 2013

    Biggertalk! I knew you were stupid but damn!

  • vaticider December 22, 2013

    Nice he lived... We'll get to see his next act of retardation..

  • rockinron December 22, 2013

    nice air time!

  • biggertalk December 23, 2013

    kill yourself @morbuis669 @toreal so true

  • pinkdildolickr December 23, 2013

    @toreal, you're right...a black man would have just pulled his gun and carjacked that shit

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