Bloody Camel On The Loose

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Adam H.
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It's a long tradition that after every man in the village has sex with the camel, they slaughter it in the streets for being a dirty Jezebel whore. This time it didn't go as planned.

  • showmeurtits December 23, 2013

    Hope it killed a dozen of those dune coons!

  • frankdrebin December 23, 2013

    "Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, guess what day it is?"

  • pistolero December 23, 2013

    ^^^^ HAHAHAHA.. Funny mother fucker!!!

  • 2indastink December 23, 2013

    that cunts got the right hump....

  • rollin-fatties December 23, 2013

    What this thing runs from a beheading? He must have not accepted allah into his life.

  • rockinron December 23, 2013

    looks like the camel is smarter than all the assholes who set quietly and let them cut off their heads.

  • rockinron December 23, 2013

    hey mike looks like wednesday really sucks for this camel!!

  • solidbriscoe December 23, 2013

    Some Akbar's girlfriend was caught fucking some Abdul. I doubt she got very far.

  • ouch December 23, 2013

    A man joins the army and is stationed in the desert, after a week he asks his buddies what do you guys do for women out here? One man reply’s did you hear the bell last Friday at 7pm? When it rings we go out and fuck the camels! He says no way! After a month the man is so horny he could fuck mud! That Friday night bell rings. He hears yelling and running. He grabs on man and asks why is everyone yelling and running??? The man yells back “We are off the fuck the camels & if you’re late you get an ugly one”

  • captjim December 23, 2013

    Camel crush !

  • bigtalk December 23, 2013

    Thats these sand crackers version of a hootenanny.

  • toreal December 23, 2013

    Lol@bigtalk. ^^

  • vaticider December 23, 2013

    I never rooted for a camel b4... never say never.

  • donunderstan December 24, 2013

    Awesme, dropped my comment

  • biggertalk December 24, 2013

    2inda was chasing it after it cock in hand

  • handsomedevil December 24, 2013

    adultery laws are pretty stiff in allah-land.

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