I Think We Should Break Up

This is probably about as bad as a break up can be. Nothing says we're done like a gunshot to the head. And check it out, he came back for one more shot. You can tell their love ran deep.

  • crazyvet December 24, 2013

    He is going on Santa's naughty list for sure.

  • solidbriscoe December 24, 2013

    \"If you won't make a sammich for me, you won't make sammiches for nobody!!! Bangy, Bangy!!!\"

  • preferemshaved December 24, 2013

    Fuck I bet that feels liberating!!!!

  • sirfartsalot December 24, 2013

    Give me a plus one if you ever wanted to do that to your ex.

  • assmasterson December 24, 2013

    Rule no.1 in "Killing Your Girlfriend for Dummies": Always make sure you stay outside of frame whenever committing the act.

  • thed887 December 24, 2013

    It looks more like he shot her in the back.. Then when she stands up and collapses in the chair, he comes back and shoots her in the chest.

  • pizzapie December 24, 2013

    Ladies learn your lesson, give him anal

  • rockinron December 24, 2013

    wow, thats exactly the scene that went thru my head about 1,000 time's when i was divorcing my x-wife! how'd you guys get a video of it!

  • monkeyrodeo December 24, 2013

    Quick. Somebody hit it before it gets cold.

  • r1d30rd13 December 24, 2013

    Was that a \"44 magnum, most powerful handgun in the world\"? because it blew him right off the screen. Took him a whole minute to walk back.

  • bigtalk December 24, 2013

    At least he broke up with her in person instead of a text.

  • frankdrebin December 24, 2013

    All he has to do now is pay the $25 fine.

  • tnblkbear December 24, 2013

    That's right goddamn it! Double tap!

  • donunderstan December 24, 2013

    You didn't clean your foreskin. She hates smegma. Get circumcised or get over it dick.

  • ouch December 24, 2013

    Oh that's new a black mother fucker shooting another black mother fucker. Please repeat 1000000000000000000 time a week. Fucking Jijjaboos being monkeys as per fucking usual. FACT!

  • biggertalk December 25, 2013

    ^kill yourself white boy

  • pinkdildolickr December 26, 2013

    Wow, we made it down to the last couple of comments before this one turned racist. Damn it, we cant have CS going civilized!

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