You Could Have Just Knocked

That was a great kick, but I'm pretty sure they design front doors to withstand the power your little chicken legs. How's that hyperextended knee feeling? Does it hurt more than your pride?

  • frankdrebin December 26, 2013

    Inanimate Object 1 - Elijah Price 0

  • dozer67 December 26, 2013

    This is how I pictured how tuff biggertalk is....ha ha ha ha!

  • rockinron December 26, 2013

    his boy friend will be happy. it looks like he's gonna be the bottom tonight.

  • ouch December 26, 2013

    john claude van DUMB

  • biggertalk December 27, 2013

    knocking down doors with your foot doesn't work like that in real life, this isn't the movies bruh, now go get your foot fixed dozer67

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