Don't Let Grandma Touch Your Semen

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Adam H.
17,752 Views 3 years ago

Grandma is highly allergic to semen, so I don't know what Pops was thinking sending her to the chronic masturbator's room. Might as well top things off by giving her a nice facial. Neat dicks poster by the way.

  • solidbriscoe January 3, 2014

    Haha. Cartoon.

  • ouch January 3, 2014

    That was so bad I was scanning for a comment by bigtalk for entertainment.

  • dozer67 January 3, 2014

    That was almost funny.

  • rockinron January 3, 2014

    wtf? i'd rather see jap cartoons of women fucking squid monsters or something.

  • honkie365 January 3, 2014

    They had to do this cartoon with white people. First, there was a father and son in the same house, then there was a grandparent present WITH a father and son in the same house, and last, everyone was walking upright and speaking English.

  • slippy January 3, 2014

    ^LMAO +1 for you.

  • kanada January 3, 2014

    ^ baahahahaaha.

  • biggertalk January 4, 2014

    white people will never evolve, and honkie got cum all over his grandma, black power sucka

  • assmasterson January 4, 2014

    So, if Grandma is allergic to splooge, how is it she had children?

  • solidbriscoe January 4, 2014

    Thank you son of assmaster, for bringing logic and reality back to the table.

  • the_aristocrat January 4, 2014

    Lets get the bukkake train started so I can collect my inheritance.

  • januz January 5, 2014

    Does lotion contain sperm???

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