Traffic Cop Ruins The Day

Damn man, you had the perfect opportunity to run an asshole cop over and you fucked it up. If he thinks he's completely safe to stand in the middle of the road, why not put that little theory to the test? He is out to ruin your day after all.

  • solidbriscoe January 16, 2014

    Yah. Pales fit me umbunga. Tabla ewe. Persalky.... Persalky ewe.

  • frankdrebin January 16, 2014

    Why stop? You have a seed bike and cops over there have crappy slow cars and NO GUNS

  • chupamiverga January 16, 2014

    I never stopped for a cop when I had my GSX-R let alone a fucker just standing in the street. fuckin rookies.

  • rockinron January 16, 2014

    looks like the cop rectum.

  • palmharbor11 January 16, 2014

    In Pinellas County Florids, police have orders not to follow speeding motorcycles...its easier to pick up the pieces when they crash, few wear helmets.

  • trox January 16, 2014

    Should have just kept on trucking through the cop ... He's the jackass that stepped out on to a busy highway, fuck him and his little gay rain coat

  • thunderbutt January 16, 2014

    Shoulda wheelied him right in the cocksucker,.

  • goodster January 16, 2014

    ^^^Ron,, rectum, damn near killed um.

  • gangstakiller January 16, 2014

    i would definitely run the cop down before i wrecked my bike.

  • trox January 16, 2014

    @ron and goodster...... If I could plus more I would... That shit was hilarious

  • rollin-fatties January 17, 2014

    They really thought that cop had something REALLY important to say.

  • biggertalk January 17, 2014

    This pig was crip walking out of the way!

  • dozer67 January 17, 2014

    Why would you runs block in the fog ? Why was that guy speeding? time to call Geico..

  • boafmabalzich January 17, 2014

    Fuck crotch rocket fags. End of story.

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