Pull Over There's A Dead Guy In Your Windshield

Fuck, this one is pretty crazy. The drunk driver took out a cyclist and kept driving with him embedded in the windshield. Other motorists actually cared and sandwiched the drunk fuck to finally stop him. The cops had to toss his ass the trunk ASAP to keep the mob from fucking him up. Read about it here.

  • tgarner January 16, 2014

    And all the time he was thinking it was just a big fucking bug!

  • solidbriscoe January 16, 2014

    Great placement of stop sign. Fuck you CCTV.

  • crazyvet January 16, 2014

    Gas, ass, or grass, but nobody rides for free.

  • frankdrebin January 16, 2014

    Sorry sir, but the law is clear about picking up hitchhikers.

  • palmharbor11 January 16, 2014

    This MUST have happened in Florida or Texas

  • trox January 16, 2014

    You have to stop BEFORE you pick up road head

  • rockinron January 16, 2014

    wtf? the dude was just picking up a buddy to go bar hopping.

  • thunderbutt January 16, 2014

    Some days your the windshield, some days your the bug.

  • johnhancock January 16, 2014

    I hate stop signs

  • biggertalk January 17, 2014

    Taking Pimp My Ride to another level!

  • dozer67 January 17, 2014

    He just wanted a new dashboard figurine..

  • gimmy77 January 20, 2014

    no time to check on the biker gotta take some picks first just hang in there bro

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