Fight! Boy!

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Henry M.
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Momma ain't raising no pussy! She needs to teach that little fucker to fight though! I love the fighting-Irish style of the other kid. Dope! Note: It's Jay, it's ok to get your racist comments all up in this post.

  • morbuis669 January 17, 2014

    Did she call him Buttstank?

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  • dozer67 January 17, 2014

    Someone call PETA for god sake!!! This is animal cruelty!!!!!

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  • dozer67 January 17, 2014

    This is what happens when you don't have a father in a kids life rite hanglo.

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  • iluvkitty January 17, 2014

    That's a pussy ass cry for a fat boy.

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  • mkultra January 17, 2014

    It should be illegal for people like this to have children. Her welfare should be revoked for this. I'm not giving my tax dollars to support a family that is gonna cause more crime/hate in our country

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  • boafmabalzich January 17, 2014

    There you go, teach them how to die while they are young. Mother of the year there!

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  • chupamiverga January 17, 2014

    .......and notice the elder gorilla training their young to fight for territory.

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  • rockinron January 17, 2014

    tell me again how these people are a productive part of society?

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  • crazyvet January 17, 2014

    Looks like she is trying to teach this young black boy to be a nigger.

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  • eyeh8dumbasses January 17, 2014

    With a mother like that the kid has no future.

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  • frankdrebin January 17, 2014

    whew, thanks for the clearance Jay. See, I call bullshit, Django was unchained as a kid. No wonder "The Butler" didn't get any oscar nominations. Does the winner sell for a higher price? His nickname is "Where's my bike, Tyson"

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  • alickalotapus- January 17, 2014

    was that biggertalk?

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  • honkie365 January 17, 2014

    I think the kid in the dark shirt was Stymie.

    So much pride, so little to be proud of. You realize that these are productive members of society....just like the Mulatto Messiah...Obama..

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  • askyoursister January 17, 2014

    Totally true, @ mkultra... If this was a fight for the last piece of KFC in the bucket, you bet baby biggie smalls would have whooped on little kanye with the hate of a million man march.

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  • rey_rey69 January 17, 2014

    There is nothin like a little slave violence for our amusement thanks to that lady i dont mind payin taxes to put them on welfare aslong as they keep these videos comin

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  • tonyk January 17, 2014

    There is no need for racist comments. The video speaks for itself.

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  • monkeyrodeo January 17, 2014

    If Darkies don't have pit bulls around they just fight their children. Better them than those poor dogs.

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  • goodster January 17, 2014

    If he doesn't learn to fight soon Big Mama's gonna eat him.

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  • pinkdildolickr January 17, 2014

    Hand her a spear and a garbage can lid and she would fit right in with the other savages in the african desert...

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  • showmeurtits January 17, 2014

    The only think missing is the straw huts in the background.

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  • showmeurtits January 17, 2014

    Sorry (wish You Were) Hunglowww, Obamas never given me a free Phone, Housing, Food, Utilities, Healthcare or Money.. Seems I only see that over in Coontown!

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  • ouch January 17, 2014

    You better fight Jijjaboo. That fat bitch is gonna eat the loser.

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  • whiteboysr January 17, 2014

    michael Vick really noes how to train his primates

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  • fonzcrazysgv1 January 17, 2014

    That lil nigger is going to kill his mom and say fight back

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  • donunderstan January 17, 2014

    Michael Vicks moms 15 minutes in the spotlight.

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  • bigtalk January 17, 2014

    I love opposite day.

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  • dozer67 January 17, 2014

    @hunglowww sorry monkey boy the spell check was on.

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  • dozer67 January 17, 2014

    If I was this boys parent, I would of let him loose respectfully.Then take him to the gym to learn how to fight.There are plenty of free after school community programs, so money is a non issue.... Just need to put some time in it you fat lazy bitch..

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  • craigtl1000r January 17, 2014

    These fights often break out for territory in the ape colony.

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  • honkie365 January 18, 2014


    The only person the Mulatto Messiah is a puppet for is George Soros. Put down the crack pipe and read something other than gay porn for a change and you may learn something.

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  • biggertalk January 18, 2014

    Are these brain dead conservatives still running their rotten mouths? STFU and die, faggots.

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  • boofano January 18, 2014

    @hunglowww STFU you useless prick or i'll piss in your eyes ..

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  • handsomedevil January 18, 2014

    well, whites make up 73% of the US Population and 38% welfare programs recipients; blacks make up 13% of the US population and 39% welfare programs recipients. so technically, blacks make up for more of the welfare recipients, which is staggering, considering the minuteness of their population. but the poor is on the rise in all demographics. soon it will be the 1% super rich and 99% abject rest of us.

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  • lipshits January 18, 2014

    hes doin Truffle Shuffle

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  • gangstakiller January 18, 2014

    @hunglow...or bunghole... you don't make any live in the US right? do me a favor...on any weekday walk out your front door about 2-3pm and look up and down the street at take notice of how many of yourn neighbors are sitting on their porch never left to go to work...never left to try and get a job....never left for anything. then when the welfare check comes they use their gov't cell phone to have their crack dealer come by.

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  • killtacular January 18, 2014

    Oh, look, more "Thug Culture" being forced upon black youth by ignorant, stupid niggerly adults who think that it's fun to make and watch people fight for no good fucking reason. No reason other than to entertain themselves. And that, my friends, is why the "Thug Culture" still exists. Because we tolerate it. Hell, even affluent, well-spoken African Americans look at this shit and say "Why the hell do you people keep existing? Can't you go die in a fire, or walk into a KKK Rally or somethin'? You're giving the rest of us a bad name.."

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  • honkie365 January 18, 2014

    Hunglowww, you are truly a credit to your race.

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  • slashpuppye6 January 18, 2014

    Fight him Buttcake!!

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  • fyi January 30, 2014

    Fucking crackers but someone black is FUCKING one of your relatives! Your not men shit like this exists because of bad parenting which comes in all colors Nasty stinky pig looking wet dog smelling ass trailer trash!!! I see you have no respect you shouldn't have to hide who you are. You guys should talk like that when your out and about lol you'll find out another reason you claim ghetto antics still exists.

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  • fucdafed July 13, 2014

    fight his ass buawheet!

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