She Won't Give Up The Purse

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Adam H.
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Two dickhead robbers get on a bus and can't even get a purse snatched from some lady. They really suck at their job. They deserve to not get paid today with a shitty work performance like that.

  • lick--yer-clit January 22, 2014

    BASTARDS they snapped the handle on her bag,,,,

  • slippy January 22, 2014

    Those tamales she had in there must have been really good

  • tgarner January 22, 2014

    Women love their Gucci!

  • crazyvet January 22, 2014

    The way she can take a punch, if she had some fight training, she could have beat the shit out of both of those idiots.

  • fistermister January 22, 2014

    When a Mexican Mama says no she means NO.

  • thunderbutt January 22, 2014

    Her favorite vibrator is in there.

  • solidbriscoe January 22, 2014

    She had the cartels drugs in that purse. We'll see those fuckers here on CS soon getting their heads chopped off. Ole!

  • donunderstan January 22, 2014

    She's got 14 grandkids to feed bitch. Not like they got food stamps in Meheco.

  • palmharbor11 January 22, 2014

    That was in the US...that asshole sitting next to her decided he was not man enough to help as well as the other so called "men". Disguising.

  • palmharbor11 January 22, 2014

    @donunderstan Those were anglo gangsters...Mexican people are hard working salt of the earth people.

  • killtacular January 22, 2014

    DOnunderstan: Mexicans probably work harder, for less pay, than you ever will for your minimum wage burger flippin' gig.

  • whiteboysr January 22, 2014

    this lady is a fucking champ, good job lady

  • hidden-_-evil January 22, 2014

    Plus 1 for lick :D

  • iluvkitty January 22, 2014

    ^^^^^^ You do know you can "Plus 1 " on the corner don't you? You don't have to say it.

  • englishgent January 22, 2014

    One tough bitch.

  • gangstakiller January 22, 2014

    good for her....guess that wasnt a right to carry state...if it was 3-4 of the people on there would have shot the scum.

  • bigtalk January 22, 2014

    Thats funny thats how she lost her virginity to.

  • sharkkiller1 January 22, 2014

    to be fari to the lady she looked like one tough mexican chick thats used to getting beatings from her husband

  • biggertalk January 23, 2014

    @iluvkitty - what do you expect, she is an idiot! And that dude robbing her is straight beta! Just like every racist white boy on here.

  • handsomedevil January 23, 2014

    a lot of brave men on that bus. if chivalry is dead, then it was buried right there on that bus. fucking cowards.

  • bennyboy19 January 23, 2014

    You have to give her this: the bitch can take a punch like a man.

  • loulou January 24, 2014

    It was so nice of some of those so called men to get off their dead ass and help her. What a bunch of pussies!

  • airsporter August 10, 2014

    Good For Her.

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