Fucks Given By Baby

22,695 Views 3 years ago

It's time to take a break from life and lets all enjoy a baby dropping a F bomb. It's cute when babies learn the finer points of the english language. The future is the children.

  • xizang February 3, 2014

    We know a word commonly used in that household.

  • thunderbutt February 3, 2014

    He'll be saying that the first time he goes to jail too.

  • ouch February 3, 2014


  • vulture February 3, 2014

    his first teacher at school will be very impressed

  • potrostation February 3, 2014

    That's what daddy calls making love to mommy.

  • solidbriscoe February 3, 2014

    I'll toast to that... FUCK!

  • zonk February 3, 2014

    I'm sure his parents must be proud. If somebody said that in front of my baby it would be an immediate no questions asked ass whipping on the spot.

  • biggertalk February 4, 2014

    Future redneck that sits on his trailer porch holding his shotgun and whining about minorities all day.

  • goodster February 4, 2014

    Hi daddy, FUCK,,That's what mommys other boyfriend says. Miss you,,, bye bye.

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