Got fish?

That's how you fish! Holy fuck! There's fucking tuna-steaks for days! I do love me some tuna-steaks! It's been a while since I had a good one. Maybe I'll treat myself this weekend.

  • thunderbutt February 7, 2014

    and they're radioactive!

  • biggertalk February 7, 2014

    The mercury levels are off the charts.

  • crazyvet February 7, 2014

    Bet there is one little 80 year old woman that cleans all the fish.

  • tonyk February 7, 2014

    How can you fish like that without any PBR?

  • rockinron February 7, 2014

    if this was in michigan the DNR would call in an airstrike on that boat!

  • chupamiverga February 7, 2014

    tuna and steak shouldn't even be in the same sentence. I knew henry was a faggot

  • fistermister February 7, 2014

    .....and to think that's only going to feed one family.

  • sleeko February 7, 2014

    And that, my friends is why the oceans are dying. Those football tuna, aren't even old enough to breed.

  • lick-yer-clit February 7, 2014

    fish have that much mercury in them there using magnets to catch em

  • solidbriscoe February 7, 2014

    Oh. TUNA steak. I thought you meant TUBE steak.

    And yes, very boring. I might as well drill holes in a shank of wood.

  • englishgent February 7, 2014

    That boat must smell like a whores knickers.

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