Olympic Athletes Love To Fuck

The best athletes in the world have spent their lives fine tuning their bodies for physical perfection, and they need to fuck. A lot. The Russians certainly understand this and have gone to great lengths to ensure they fuck in the most comfortable surroundings possible. That's what the Olympic spirit is all about.

  • vulture February 15, 2014

    the unofficial winter sport but who gets the gold medal and who gets the pox

  • tgarner February 15, 2014

    Well fuck, I used to think the Olympic's were boring until now, guess I been missing out!

  • bigtalk February 15, 2014

    Like always two gay white guys have to ruin everything.

  • goodster February 15, 2014

    ^ you would be the one to notice and then comment on that,,,, wouldn't you?

  • crazyvet February 15, 2014

    I would like to have a cut of the condom machines.

  • urapnes1701d February 15, 2014

    3 up ^^^^^^^^^ Like always one racist asshole has to ruin Crazyshit once again.

  • potrostation February 15, 2014

    Fuck Yea!

  • toreal February 15, 2014

    @bigtalk^^^^ I was thinking the same thing.

  • rockinron February 15, 2014

    i wanna go to the fucking Olympics now!

  • biggertalk February 16, 2014

    White racist assholes ruin everything!

  • solidbriscoe February 16, 2014

    Sometimes I just want to kill everybody.

  • englishgent February 16, 2014

    All female Olympians should be made to perform nude. Just saying.

  • ersl February 17, 2014

    Is this really reall I just want to make this clear because this shit so funny

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