Parkour Idiots

Big Jeff
16,733 Views 3 years ago

Man I love watching parkour idiots meet impending doom. I mean I do like watching them succeed, but watching them lose a few brain cells and pints of blood is better.

  • crazyvet February 17, 2014

    Hey girls, here is some proof that females might be a little smarter than males, or at least less stupid.

  • preferemshaved February 17, 2014

    The poor mans extreme sport.

  • fistermister February 17, 2014

    This video made my day. This should be video of the week.

  • frankdrebin February 17, 2014

    soccer used to be the poor man's sport but kids today just said fuck it and went straight for the holliganesque injuries.

  • rockinron February 17, 2014

    do they do this shit just to get on crazy shit?

  • englishgent February 17, 2014

    That was great. Made my day.

  • pinkdildolickr February 17, 2014

    Why don't these guys just stay home and split their dicks down the middle with a razor? It'd be cooler than this fag stuff

  • johnhancock February 17, 2014

    Youtube pranksters, old school drunks and parkour compilations on CS now? ... Comeoooon Jeff where them beheadings at?? This is Crazy fucking Shit remember?

  • lick-yer-clit February 17, 2014

    evolutions finest,,,,,

  • sirfartsalot February 17, 2014

    I love watching idiots get what they deserve.

  • matv February 17, 2014

    hey, ya all watch this!

  • biggertalk February 18, 2014

    And nobody died, what a shame!

  • misfit_88 February 18, 2014

    that dude who fell on his side got some pretty cool air on that bounce off the concrete... painful looking and ill bet that knocked the wind out of him good. very entertaining though.

  • crazyshitisgay February 20, 2014

    No, esta fucked up!

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