Nice Catch Wang

This one blows my mind. I can't believe they are actually trying to save a woman's life in China. Crazy. But if her plan is to kill herself by jumping feet first from the 3rd story, I say let her do it. She'll have plenty of time to rethink her strategy while she's laid up in bed for a few months with two broken legs.

  • marcodufour February 20, 2014

    Chinese translation " Now bitch get inside and make me a chop suey sammich "

  • lick-yer-clit February 20, 2014

    her name is penny,,,

    now the penny drops

  • kilo_g February 20, 2014

    Were all those replays necessary?

  • fistermister February 20, 2014

    Now take her some place higher so we know for sure she wont walk away.

  • johnhancock February 20, 2014

    @Adam that's why they saved her! They didn't want another whining bitch to look after!

  • rockinron February 20, 2014

    does this mean she has to shit on his chest now?

  • douchebaggins February 20, 2014

    The firefighter was later quoted as saying If I had known it was a woman, I would have put glass on the sidewalk instead.

  • frankdrebin February 20, 2014

    plot twist: family got a huge bill for the rescue and they all killed themselves

  • solidbriscoe February 20, 2014

    And China still doesn't give a fuck. Or me.

  • vaticider February 20, 2014

    haha she slipped from the window...that fucker ripped her out of the window..

  • biggertalk February 21, 2014

    like a bozzzzz

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