What a cute video!

Now, explain this shit to your husband. He ought to beat your ass for this. But, only with a stick no wider than his thumb. I hope he has hands like André René Roussimoff!

  • fistermister February 21, 2014

    Well that's one I didn't need to see.

  • crazyvet February 21, 2014

    Well, mom of the year, tell the little angel how you ran into something because you didn't watch the fucking road.

  • johnhancock February 21, 2014

    Daaamn what a dumb bitch, The first mistake was letting her take the kids to school

  • johnhancock February 21, 2014

    Second was letting ur kids get down to songs like that ... Now that kids going to think he's gay

  • johnhancock February 21, 2014

    Because he could draw andkeeps his room straight

  • bigtalk February 21, 2014

    FAKE a real white woman would have killed the kids.

  • goodster February 21, 2014

    What ever happened to "the wheels on the bus" or "Twinkle twinkle little star?"

  • solidbriscoe February 21, 2014

    You know the last time I asked my mom when she was driving \"mom look hey mom look hey mom look.\". And ended up in a car wreck and I got a black eye. I learned real early not to do that shit. What's this woman's fucking excuse.

  • sirfartsalot February 21, 2014

    Now maybe she will stay in the kitchen where she belongs.

  • englishgent February 21, 2014

    That shit was horrible. Hate to see kids injured.

  • rockinron February 22, 2014

    what happened? well daddy just got 3 guaranteed blow jobs this week!

  • biggertalk February 22, 2014

    daddy gets 3 guaranteed blow jobs this week, from rockinron that is.

  • eyeh8dumbasses February 22, 2014

    fucking stupid cunt

  • morbuis669 February 24, 2014

    What happened! You were being to cute and you distracted mommy!

  • dozer67 March 1, 2014

    Why the fuck was she driving !?! I thought she was parked.

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