Road Rage Chick Knocked The Fuck Out

The thing about bitches is they think they can take swings at men and expect no return. That shit doesn't always workout for them. But that was very gentleman like of him to drag her out of the middle of the road. Now move along, folks.

  • vulture February 22, 2014

    they want equality...she got it

  • potrostation February 22, 2014

    That wasn't just a hay make. That was the whole John Deer.

  • 2indastink February 22, 2014

    1 pint of STFU please and a fucking blowjob

  • crazyvet February 22, 2014

    He was really just getting a feel of her tit.

  • zonk February 22, 2014

    Thats some Ray Rice shit right there! Fuck a bitch up in a heart beat

  • goodster February 22, 2014

    Shut that piehole real quick.

  • happyjack February 22, 2014

    If she hits her head on that curb and she probably would have had a serious brain injury. Just goes to show you don't start anything that you don't intend to finish.

  • rockinron February 22, 2014

    thats just fourplay in russia.

  • frankdrebin February 22, 2014

    the problem solver strikes again

  • clrz1000 February 22, 2014

    Now he can officially wear the "cunt puncher" T-shirt that's conveniently advertised to the right of this video!

  • solidbriscoe February 22, 2014

    He's been listening to a lot of Ike Turner's music lately.

  • biggertalk February 23, 2014

    yes plz post more vids of women getting assaulted i lovei t

  • pussysurveyor February 23, 2014

    Hmmmmm. Head on the curb? Tough puke might be in for a murder rap.

  • dikfer February 23, 2014

    @biggertalk I'm sure you do,it might be in your dna

  • palmharbor11 February 23, 2014

    "Well guys, the reason I am in prison on a 30 year rap is because...I was driving along one day......then I got in the car and left.

  • smutley February 23, 2014

    Don't bring a pussy to a cockfight.

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