Look At The Little Fuckers Fall

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Adam H.
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Who doesn't love watching people slip and bust their asses on ice? These obviously do. They're probably not even picking up a kid of their own. Just laughing at all the little fuckers.

  • crazyvet February 25, 2014

    I could get a little smoked up and watch that shit all day long.

  • vulture February 25, 2014

    fatty bounced well :-)

  • rockinron February 25, 2014

    i bet he dumped the water there before the sun came up.

  • troubadour February 25, 2014

    That was great, one of the funnier videos ive seen in a wile.

  • eat3beans February 25, 2014

    Even they laugh more when the fatties fall

  • lick-yer-clit February 25, 2014

    noticed the black girl never dropped her platter of fried chicken

  • solidbriscoe February 25, 2014

    When fatty fell, I figured the ice broke.

  • madkraze February 25, 2014

    All in all kinda creepy to be looking at a bunch of kids at school I figures id be that guy on here

  • crackerkiller February 25, 2014

    CRACKERS with no coordination

  • biggertalk February 26, 2014

    wasn't that funny, damn. wanna watch these 2 cunts slip and crack their skulls open. ANYWAY, ban lick-yer-clit for this out of place racist post, adam, DO YOUR JOB!

  • handsomedevil February 26, 2014

    "we're kind of bad people..."Lmao

  • exhael March 1, 2014

    The kid picking up his books while other kids are falling behind him.. that was good

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