Week In Crazyshit: Mouse Trap

It doesn't rain often here, but sometimes when it does, these little fuckers come in from the field. That's when they get tempted by a delicious peanut butter and cheese combo. Little do they know, it's about to be their last meal. Gotcha, motherfucker!

  • 2indastink March 1, 2014

    FIRST!!!!!! hahaha

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  • tonyk March 1, 2014

    HMMMMM, Now we know why you haven't come out of the closet!

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  •   crazyvet March 1, 2014

    This could be a solution for the pedophile problem. Make some human size rat traps and use soiled underwear from little girls and boys for bait.

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  • ohwickedwendi March 1, 2014

    Good week in Crazyshit, guys! And "first" with 2nina actually means he's finding time in between raping animals to post--good onya, mate!

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  • exhael March 1, 2014

    Next week: Exhael Edition

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  • uk-13astard March 1, 2014

    lol at the last phone message

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  •   pizzapie March 1, 2014

    Become a VIP and the porn goes away. BTW your grandma probably likes watching young pussy getting pounded

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  •   ouch March 1, 2014

    Crazy Crackers Pow pOw poW! Google Chrome +Ad blocker +VIP member = less dicks on your screen. This is why you don't have them, because you like dicks and so does grand-ma

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  • gurtman23 March 1, 2014

    that's funny right there i don't care who you are.

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  • solidbriscoe March 1, 2014

    Moe Howard says: \"Congratulation!\"

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  • vaticider March 2, 2014

    If im showing something to people use your ipad or like device make the video fit the screen... no more anal rape for grandma and pa to see

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  •   goodster March 2, 2014

    Nope,, First caller wasn't me, but good to know there's another Masshole on here. Ooh ya, keep up the good work,, ya Dicks!

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  • slapnutsmcgee March 2, 2014

    Wait, what? You show your grandma stuff on here, stuff that mostly relates to executions, porn, user tits, etc., but you don't want her to see porn ads?

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