Pigs being pigs

Big Jeff
17,725 Views 3 years ago

I will be the first to jump on a pig for acting like a pig, but I can't in this case. This cop is showing patients above and beyond the call of duty. If it were me this little chola and her chulo backup would be tased and hazed Rodney King style.

  • donunderstan March 3, 2014

    Just tase the refry back to Juarez.

  • fistermister March 3, 2014

    Are you having trouble with the little lady officer?

  • fuzelogic March 3, 2014

    She must not be a crazyshit fan and missed the firefighter video from last week

  • crazyvet March 3, 2014

    We fought the law and the law won.

  • lolpwned March 3, 2014

    @crazyvet We fought the law and the law Juan.

  • vulture March 3, 2014

    his cold leg is now hot and smelling of fanny

  • rockinron March 3, 2014

    what would jesus do?

  • pinkdildolickr March 3, 2014

    Beaners are immune to mace...he needed to use something that can't stand like having auto liability insurance.

  • dozer67 March 3, 2014

    Cops never get it correct some get to much others get to little. TAZE that bitch!!

  • solidbriscoe March 3, 2014

    Un-peace officers. Jack officers.

  • matv March 3, 2014

    tough little girl, or he missed the day they taught how to take down a chica

  • englishgent March 3, 2014

    Most useless cop of 2014 award goes to......

  • wisconsinjed March 3, 2014

    Watch it Jeff! You're making waaay to much sense to be blogging here. Adam may have to start making sense as well but I am afraid he doesn't know how and he's too damn old to be educated in such things. Peace!

  • maryxxx March 3, 2014

    When she hugged her little punta were they going to fuck mid arrest?

  • biggertalk March 4, 2014

    fuk da poleeece

  • nutball981 March 4, 2014

    should have shot them fuckers

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