Get a better knife Akbar

Jesus Christ Akbars are there no sharper knives in Syria? I guess your butter knives will have to do until Lil Muhammad shows up with the AK. After all the years of looking at the worst shit the only thing that still erks me is the thought of going out like that.

  • xizang March 3, 2014

    MUSLIMS: You've made your point. We all know what you're about now. Not to worry - you have declared war against all of us non-muslims, and we get it. You Stone Age, ignorant, stupid motherfuckers are all going to get the war you want.

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  • whbonney March 3, 2014

    Geezus. Those guys make the Mexicans look like businessmen. Fuckin around, screaming and yelling, no focus. Douchebags.

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  • fistermister March 3, 2014

    I thought I heard one of them say."Who is the fucking comedian that replaced the knife with a spoon?"

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  • eat3beans March 3, 2014

    Fuckin ragheads

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  • t0ne March 3, 2014

    You would think Akbar would have them get better knives and a decent video camera.

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  • crazyvet March 3, 2014

    You can't do a proper beheading with a Chinese knife.

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  • zdenek March 3, 2014

    big penis

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  • pinkdildolickr March 3, 2014

    But, but,'s a peaceful loving religion...

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  • ilovelamp March 3, 2014

    dont these monkeys ever get bored with saying allahu akhbar all the time? I mean, i love saying "fish sticks" but im fairly sure that if i said that repeatedly for years my friends would tell me to fuck off and die

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  • vulture March 3, 2014

    they been shooting that many of late they forgot how to take off a head

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  • dozer67 March 3, 2014

    is yelling Allah Akbar!! the same as yelling WORLD STAR!?!

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  • johnhancock March 3, 2014


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  • solidbriscoe March 3, 2014

    Jeeziz fucking akbar!! My fruit knife is sharper than your parer. With all those fucking rocks out there in the shitty desert, you'd think they'd stop to sharpen their blades once in a while.

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  • rockinron March 3, 2014

    i am so lucky as to live 40 miles from dearborn michigan the largest concentration of muslims in the united states. whats even better, is taylor michigan is the largest concentration of rednecks and hillbillys in the state!! so when the shit hits the fan all those hillbillys will be getting themselves some of those ackbar scalps!!!! and the ones that make it thru into my county will hafta deal with me and my M-4

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  • englishgent March 3, 2014

    All the worlds most civilised country's should join up and drop as many nukes as possible on the Middle East.

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  • wisconsinjed March 3, 2014

    What amazes me is they do this in the name of the "most merciful one, Allah"! Yea xi they declare war on all of those you listed but what amazes me is they save their worst crimes on other Muslims. I guess it is a Protestant, Catholic thing. I am a Christian so I guess you can say I am religious. One thing I can say with 100% conviction is this^^^^^^is not religious. It is MURDER!! I say it all the time but I mean it everytime.....Peace all! Treat each other with love and kindness.

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  • vaticider March 4, 2014

    Is there a more hateable people then these stoneage ragheads that we will never have anything in common with.

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  • biggertalk March 4, 2014

    sand niggaz

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  • sleeko March 4, 2014

    muslims kill'n muslims..... Works for me.

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  • pizzapie March 4, 2014

    Santa, I need a new knife for Christmas

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