Nice water colors

Big Jeff
18,853 Views 3 years ago

Congratulations to all the Akbar children out there they are getting a new batch of water colors. Thank god all Akbars are color blind because brain matter gray and red is all those little shits are gonna get, unless they paint with their shitty left hands.

  • fistermister March 10, 2014

    Who's the asshole who posted a side-ways video?

  • fistermister March 10, 2014

    After watching it for the second time I had to neg. myself for watching it with my head sideways. Guess I'm the asshole.

  • eat3beans March 10, 2014

    Empty your wig for Muhammad, good job

  • marcodufour March 10, 2014

    And all this trouble just like Vietnam for Heroin.

  • rockinron March 10, 2014

    the skull pussy is always fresh in a war zone!

  • douchebaggins March 10, 2014

    Shot the towel right off his head.

  • solidbriscoe March 10, 2014

    The snackbar looks like a buffet today.

    $9.59 for a 6 pc. plate... $11.99 for all you can eat!

  • englishgent March 10, 2014

    And aren't we glad we don't live there. On the plus side, they do have nice weather.

  • vaticider March 11, 2014

    How can you have sandals on in these places?

  • biggertalk March 11, 2014

    Is this one of those illiterate gang bangers from the "allah please kill these homies" vid?

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