Four Minutes of Parkours Failing Hard

13,710 Views 3 years ago

Here at we always love to see a good parkour fail video. Today is a extra special treat for all of us. We get to see 4 minutes of people trying to be cool, and just eating shit. My favorite part is, wait, my favorite part is the whole fucking four minutes because I love seeing them fail. Enjoy.

  • x-treme1 March 16, 2014

    This was one of the worst FAIL videos I've ever seen. There was almost no blood and no a single broken bone or anyone getting knocked the fuck out.

  • sleeko March 16, 2014

    I bet none of them has signed up for Obamacare yet, either.

  • pizzapie March 16, 2014

    The last one sounded like he broke his back

  • donunderstan March 16, 2014

    Retarded people doing retarded things.

  • thunderbutt March 16, 2014

    Almost doesn't count!

  • crazyvet March 16, 2014

    Even Forest Gump knew what stupid is. Not these guys.

  • rockinron March 16, 2014

    you think that was funny, just wait until these little fuckers discover vodka!

  • showmeurtits March 16, 2014

    Like the parkour fags weren't bad enough Jay subjects as to that horrid shit they try to call music..

  • littletalk March 16, 2014

    Littletalk says fuck you.

  • mccracken March 16, 2014

    I like walking on the ground, I'm good enough at that.

  • biggertalk March 17, 2014

    Die you fucks.

  • crazyshitisgay March 17, 2014

    That moment when you realize...YOU SUCK YOU FUCKIN RETARD!

  • bennyboy19 March 17, 2014

    When I was young, we used to ski and mountain bike. I guess this is the new shit for broke kids these days.

  • gofuckyourself March 28, 2014

    Its the fucking gayest thing ever

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