Two Leprechauns Fighting it out

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What is St. Patty's day with out a good drunken brawl? A pre-St. Patty's day party has lead to two Leprechauns duking it out, and a few bystanders getting in on the action. It's funny how a few dozen drinks and this is how the party ends. "There are many good reasons for drinking, one has just entered my head. If a man doesn't drink when he's living, how in the hell can he drink when he's dead?"

  • smutley March 16, 2014

    LepreCoons more like....

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  • donunderstan March 16, 2014

    Ever since emancipation, the King Ginger competition sucks.

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  • thunderbutt March 16, 2014

    Do they really bleed red?

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  •   rockinron March 16, 2014

    great now their gonna start preaching that their african irish americans, titanic! titanic! titanic! (instead of amistad)

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  • mccracken March 16, 2014

    What's nigger and wears green....ahh, I fucked that joke up already!

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  • biggertalk March 17, 2014

    I'll serve your ass like John McEnroe

    If your girl steps up, I'm smacking the ho

    Word to your moms I came to drop bombs

    I got more rhymes than the Bible's got psalms

    And just like the Prodigal Son I've returned

    Anyone stepping to me you'll get burned

    'Cause I got lyrics but you ain't got none

    If you come to battle bring a shotgun

    But if you do you're a fool, 'cause I duel to the death Trying to step to me you'll take your last breath

    I got the skill, come get your fill

    'Cause when I shoot to give, I shoot to kill

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  • douchebaggins March 17, 2014

    Was this the remix?

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  • celtickhan March 18, 2014

    ^^^ the sooner you decide to ignore that idiot...the better your life will be.

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  • bennyboy19 March 18, 2014

    Gotta love gay pride

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