Transit Police Not Very Effective

I see that the Philadelphia Transit Police are not very well-prepared to stop an angry black man. I also see that the citizens of Philadelphia are not eager to help out. Neither would I. That dude wanted the job so he better figure out how to do it.

  • crazyvet March 22, 2014

    Does this qualify as black on black crime?

  • potrostation March 22, 2014

    Then it's not a crime crazyvet. It's a public service.

  • vulture March 22, 2014

    a copper in the U.S. on his own...does he have BO or something

  • donunderstan March 22, 2014

    Just shoot the silverback and move on.

  • rockinron March 22, 2014

    and naturally a loud mouthed black gurilla looking bitch had to show up and repeat the same words over and over again and louder and louder. thank god the video ended and spared us.

  • englishgent March 22, 2014

    ^Well said sir.

  • goodster March 22, 2014

    .45 ACP would have made this much shorter.

  • solidbriscoe March 22, 2014

    And they call it the city of brotherly love.

  • biggertalk March 23, 2014

    fuk da poleece

  • niggerkiller March 23, 2014

    that new show monkeys gone wild .sponsor by kfc and kool aid now airing on bet

  • sleeko March 24, 2014

    If he would have shot the nigger, all the cop haters would be getting wood, right now. Being a cop is a NO WIN job.

  • shaun444 March 28, 2014

    dat chit 2 crazy im scared k now u wanna see something really scary

  • shaun444 March 28, 2014

    scariest thing i did tonight was give u my email lol

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