Dude B.A.S.E. jumps off the freedom tower

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Guys and gals, give this video a chance. You have to realize how bad ass this is. These guys snuck up to the top of the One Word Trade Center, and fucking jumped. And can you imagine the rush you get, then you have to put that shit on pause so you can pack your backpack the get the fuck out of there. Balls of steel fellas.

  •   crazyvet March 28, 2014

    Too bad his chute opened. Would have made a much more interesting news story.

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  • donunderstan March 28, 2014

    I hoped they were gonna start filming at breakfast.

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  •   fistermister March 28, 2014

    Waiting for the jump took longer than the jump itself.

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  •   potrostation March 28, 2014

    After a bombing; and jets hitting the buildings; that they would hire a new security team.

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  •   potrostation March 28, 2014

    You'd think.

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  •   rockinron March 28, 2014

    that was awesome and those guys shouldnt have been arrested for it. they showed the security team that they need to beef up security.

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  •   jeeprod March 28, 2014

    I'm just thinking when you pepper your request for "The Lord" to protect you... with a few 'f*cks', etc; you disqualify yourself from said protection and help.

    Jus' say'n.

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  • boney1 March 28, 2014

    Some how them jumping with parachutes pails in comparison the the hundred or so people who jumped off the trade center without chutes on 911,

    way to go douchebags your cool

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  •   ouch March 28, 2014

    @boney1 First of all Some how is one word Somehow! 2nd of all that's one of the dumbest comment I have seen someone type on this site.

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  • boney1 March 28, 2014


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  • solidbriscoe March 28, 2014

    Freedom tower? Not if they were arrested immediately after.

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  •   happyjack March 28, 2014

    The video had potential, but everyone landed safely.

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  • biggertalk March 29, 2014


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  • bennyboy19 March 30, 2014

    Cut this vid in half and save us the fuckin'waiting

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  • drake1784 April 2, 2014

    What makes this really awesome is that he landed in the middle of the street in New York traffic and survived.

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