Leaving her shook up

Big Jeff
34,108 Views 2 years ago

Damn now thats a girl fight I approve of. None of that bitch ass hair grabbing shit, just some good hits and face slams. She slammed her so hard she makes Michael J Fox seem un-afflicted.

  • fistermister April 14, 2014

    She enjoyed the head banging so much she started doing it herself.

  • johnhancock April 14, 2014

    saque la lengua? Noooo problem

  • dozer67 April 14, 2014

    Not good ,now a simple fight turned into man slaughter 1.

  • tgarner April 14, 2014

    I always wanted a chick that has seizure's, I think it would be cool while you're fucking!

  • crazyvet April 14, 2014

    Look out workmen's comp.

  • lobster April 14, 2014

    Now would be a good time for a foot job

  • frankdrebin April 14, 2014

    put her in the octagon

  • solidbriscoe April 14, 2014

    Probably knocked some sense into her...

  • potrostation April 14, 2014

    Remember when men stopped fights? Neither do these assholes.

  • goodster April 14, 2014

    More video please.

  • solidbriscoe April 15, 2014

    True story. There was this dude who used to crash parties only to instigate a fight, then proceed to try to knock out his opponents teeth. He did thus do many times he was well known for it. We'll one day someone stomped the fuck out of his head. He went into the same convulsions. He said it really fucked him up. Two black eyes, a severe concussion, split wig, and deep depression... He almost died. Although I always told this goof that one day he's going to pick a fight he'll lose. Guess what? He does NOT do that shit anymore.

  • vaticider April 15, 2014

    While I enjoyed the video...it just goes too far people just don't seem to have any self control today.. It's a sad state the worlds in.

  • biggertalk April 15, 2014

    this shit is crazy they want her tongue to get cut off shieeet

  • vaknama April 15, 2014

    i like how the winning chick just walks off like a boss

  • cellule April 15, 2014

    Quick! Put the string back in the pulley..!!

  • rockinron April 15, 2014

    someone hit the reset button on that beaner, before she ends up biteing her tongue

  • manunkind April 15, 2014

    Actually, a seizure will not cause someone to bite their tongue, and inserting a tongue depressor into a seizing persons mouth is a great way to have a choking hazard.

  • pizzapie April 15, 2014

    great another retard on welfare

  • dozer67 April 16, 2014

    @solidbriscoe IF that story was any longer I was going to have had a seizure

  • joeytrainwreck April 21, 2014

    shes probably a fucking retard now

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