Asshole Cops Doing What Asshole Cops Do

What do we have here? A cop being a complete fucking asshole and totally abusing his authority because he has anger management issues and won't be home to beat his wife and kids for a 6 more hours. No surprises here.

  • marcodufour April 23, 2014

    Coming to a city or town near you soon

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  • xizang April 23, 2014

    And local taxes just keep going up, to pay for the stupidity of the cops. How may lawsuits will it take before the citizens put a stop to having idiots on the payroll?

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  • fistermister April 23, 2014

    Then they wonder why they get shot.

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  • crazyvet April 23, 2014

    Sticks and stones will break your bones, but why do you let words hurt you?

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  • eat3beans April 23, 2014

    ^^ because he's very sensitive and has feelings

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  • jlm77 April 23, 2014

    to everybody out there that's a kind of cops at live here in Wisconsin I know I live in Milwaukee but who gives a fuck Second District.... but I'm always happy to see white people fighting with each other makes me feel better

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  • vulture April 23, 2014

    one day the mob will turn on the pigs just like in china

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  • solidbriscoe April 23, 2014

    One of the biggest armed gang in the world.

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  • rockinron April 23, 2014

    damn why can't this ever happen to me? i can use a couple hundred grand too you know.

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  • donunderstan April 23, 2014

    In Sacramento county his only charge would be resisting arrest. Why was he being arrested? Doesn't matter. He resisted your honor.

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  • dozer67 April 23, 2014

    I say it time and time again don't hassle the cops do what they say and you can always get them in court,trust me it works.

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  • ouch April 23, 2014

    Good on him. I hope they beat the shit out of that little loud mouth cunt when they get him back to the cell.

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  • honkie365 April 23, 2014

    It only took 3 cops to take down a drunk.

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  • toreal April 23, 2014

    White boy thinks because he listens to Rush Limbaugh that he is tough. Silly cave monkey.

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  • pussysurveyor April 23, 2014

    I do so fuking love to see an officer own one of you sorry little motherfuckers.

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  • biggertalk April 24, 2014


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  • handsomedevil April 24, 2014

    not for nothing, but where i live, it's like a stones-throw away from the police station (i live in the heart of my city), and across the street from the police station is the gym i go to. man, on lil bro, that fucking gym is flooded with meat-head cops like these; but what's funny, they cool as fuck in the gym. they're very courteous, helpful and respectful, it's just when they put that uniform on and slap that badge on they chest, then they transform into an asshole personified. but seriously, they cool as fuck in the gym.Lol believe it or not. but still, fuck the police!

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  • jettech84 April 24, 2014

    Just got pulled over other night asked if i had weapons told him yes in my glove box i have my gone and i have conceal carry permit and i still got removed from car and patted down. He then removed my gun from car, took it to his and then placed it in my trunk when we were done. I always had a clean record also. PIGS

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  • marcodufour April 24, 2014

    @pussysurveyor that would be Officer Merchant Banker surely ?

    P.S. Police officers are the ones that aren`t tough enough to get in the armed forces but with smaller cocks.

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  • manunder April 25, 2014

    Any one who screams fuck you in your face gets knocked the fuck out....which one of you guys would allow someone to scream fuck you in your face? None i would guess since you are all so tough so why would you think screaming in a cops face wouldnt get you fucked up? What would you do if you could actually pass the test and the backround check and become a cop...let that happen...I think not

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  • dozer67 April 25, 2014

    @sexwithyourmom probably is a cop.

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  • manunder April 27, 2014

    Was one for 25 years in BKLYN and bitch slapped hundreds of shit talkers like you....When a cop is wrong he is wrong and I have no problem saying it...There are assholes on every job and a good percentage of cops are pussies who got picked on in high school and make the good ones look bad.... real cops dont like those guys either they usually become bosses but your blind hatred for cops in any situation proves that you either failed the police test or a cop was one of your mothers regular customers Cop or no cop if you let anyone scream in your face you are a pussy...arguing with people and acting tough in comments proves nothing and is a waste of time If you are ever in NYC send me a message and we can get a beer and discuss things like gentleman otherwise dont bother with the name calling cause its pointless

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