Bitch Slap Knockout For Drunk Dumbass

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Adam H.
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Somebody thinks he can take a slap and not get knocked out, or even hurt. Somebody is wrong. This little bitch lays down for a little nap after getting dealt with like a hoe who can't pay her pimp.

  • fistermister April 30, 2014

    That truly was a bitch-slap.

  • dozer67 April 30, 2014

    Pimp slap is strong in this one.

  • 2indastink April 30, 2014

    ......but you've still got a 1/2 inch penis.....when erect.

  • rockinron April 30, 2014

    the dude pressed his reset button, he has no idea wtf is going on.

  • crazyvet April 30, 2014

    I think that wienie should die from embarrassment.

  • donunderstan April 30, 2014

    Was that the effect of the slap or did the dude trip him by stepping on his tampon string?

  • ptsd33 April 30, 2014

    Fuckin indians. Go huff some more paint so you can get that Indian cackle a little more high pitched. Wagon burners.

  • frankdrebin April 30, 2014

    he might have some beard stuck between his fingers after that one

  • solidbriscoe April 30, 2014

    Golf slap.

  • tgarner April 30, 2014

    Drunk as he was you could of thumped him with your finger and he would of went down!

  • eat3beans May 1, 2014

    You receive 1st place for stupid

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