Look Out For That Car

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Adam H.
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He must have thought he could drive right through the car, or maybe he was too late hitting the turbo button. Either way, he fucked up. But lucky for us he recorded it.

  • vulture May 1, 2014

    always a good idea to look where your going and not making eyes at your boyfriend

  • fistermister May 1, 2014

    Hey,,,, wake-up,,,,,,, hey bro,,,,, wake-up.

  • trox May 1, 2014

    It's like the modern day George of the jungle

  • donunderstan May 1, 2014

    Newest member of the gopro morons club.

  • solidbriscoe May 1, 2014

    About as good as the clip with the green truck.

  • scottishtits77 May 1, 2014

    Another organ donor.

  • rockinron May 1, 2014

    you may have graduated from mopeds kid, but the street bike still got you!!

  • xizang May 1, 2014

    Hey, those guys on plastic motorcycles think they're the only ones on the road. Until they hit something.

  • crazyvet May 1, 2014

    I want to see the video from the guy filming the bike that ran into the car.

  • eat3beans May 1, 2014

    Hopefully the camera is ok

  • englishgent May 1, 2014

    Dumb fucker took his eyes off the road, now his eyes are on the road just under the car exhaust.

  • Jay D. May 1, 2014

    That last part was like my third acid trip today.

  • vaticider May 2, 2014

    Another fine POV from dumbass.. see ya next trip...

  • wisconsinjed May 2, 2014

    You guys should pause this at the 7 second mark. It is a beautiful 100% body-shot of his shadow looking at the van. It is a funny shot however I hope the guy/girl is ok.

  • pussysurveyor May 2, 2014

    LOL, the world is rid of another putrid little tattooed buttfucing jap bike pilot and his stupid little bitch that couldn't pass algebra with a calculator jammed up her ass.

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