That's Going To Stain The Asphalt

Just because you're crossing in the crosswalk doesn't mean you're safe. It's just a suggestion for cars to stop. It doesn't magically make them stop. That's something you should always try to remember, or turn into some smeared up flesh and shit on the road. Also, maybe fucking run instead of taking your sweet ass time.

  • 2indastink May 10, 2014

    pedestrians are just speed bumps....

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  • xizang May 10, 2014

    Funny how many drivers don't realize that pedestrians in a marked crosswalk have the legal right of way. They find out eventually - in court.

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  • trox May 10, 2014

    In soviet Russia motorcycle ride you

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  •   potrostation May 10, 2014

    After watching so many of these Russian Dash cam crashes; I'm really starting to like Russian pop/rock. I just hope it's not their version of Justin Bieber.

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  •   potrostation May 10, 2014

    Oh yea, dead dude; something ,something, stain; yada yada; everyone has skid marks. Dead dude has them in his shorts and on his back.

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  •   vulture May 10, 2014

    failed he only got one out of the two

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  • spinal12 May 10, 2014

    That dude got out of his car and stood there like swing blade.

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  • solidbriscoe May 10, 2014

    Pour a little vodka on it.

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  •   rockinron May 10, 2014

    popped that pedestrian like an asian!

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  • boofano May 10, 2014

    Pedestrian crossings are the most dangerous place to cross , because people expect cars to stop … I never use them ...

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  •   pizzapie May 11, 2014

    Turn that shitty music off you fuckin wigger

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  • aelin_hbiyrd August 22, 2014

    That's just a b-train, they stop on a dime right? dear?

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