You Damn Kids Get Off My Farm

What the fuck, Farmer John? Where's your shotgun? That will get your point across to the asshole dirtbikers a lot more efficiently. Blast just one of them fuckers and I doubt they'll pull that shit again. Actually, it was all just a distraction so I could sneak in and fuck your daughter.

  • potrostation May 11, 2014

    Doc Brown: "Roads? Where we're going,we don't need roads."

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  • vulture May 11, 2014

    long length of wire across the field like in the great escape will sort that

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  • 2indastink May 11, 2014

    just get Le shotgun French cunt.

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  • xizang May 11, 2014

    A steel cable about 4 ft. off the ground. Or tack strips laid out across the furrows. Lots of ways to fuck up these idiots on plastic motorcycles.

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  • rockinron May 11, 2014

    sounds like holland. i'd be pissed to if someone ran over my Himalayan red bud crop

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  • solidbriscoe May 11, 2014

    Fucking terra cotta shingles...

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  • captjim May 11, 2014

    I'd dig a 2 foot trench, cover it with cardboard, sprinkle dirt on the cardboard, grab the video camera, wait, then, of course, post to crazy shit.

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  • funkengroovin May 11, 2014


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  • ouch May 11, 2014

    Excuse me Mr Crazy Shit people. Did we run out of cool shit to put on this site again?.

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  • biggertalk May 12, 2014

    git off it.

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