Cops forgot to Check for Guy

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This guy is slick. Well, not that slick, he was riding a scooter, so he should thank the cops for saving his life there. But packing a little 22 and shooting out the window. That's a pretty good move in my book. Too bad you didn't far at all.

  • ghosthunter May 16, 2014

    He should have eaten a bullet.

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  • kanada May 16, 2014

    ( blue ) jays brother sparrow.

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  • candle May 16, 2014

    thanx CS! Now I know how to get out next time.

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  • cellule May 16, 2014

    My budgee have two of these pellet guns (for when the cat gets too close)

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  •   ouch May 16, 2014

    Here Jay you can borrow my word GET, But I want it back later.

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  • solidbriscoe May 16, 2014

    Did he die?

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  •   potrostation May 16, 2014

    @ solidbriscoe Of course;being a moped rider(a squid) he tarted into on coming traffic with out looking. It's there way.

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  •   goodster May 16, 2014

    Jay..... PUT THE VODKA DOWN!!! No more drunk typing.

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  •   cemetery man May 16, 2014

    the pigs shot him in the back just like any other worthless american pig that needs to die

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  • englishgent May 17, 2014

    Pigs are twats.

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  • rodeye2 May 17, 2014

    I know it was said already but shot in the back,fuck that cop should be hung by the neck until dead.

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  •   happyjack May 17, 2014

    Some of you guys are delusional. So they are supposed to let this desperate nut case with a loaded gun go running free to do whatever? Shoot that piece of shit in the back, front, side or wherever so he doesn't run free and kill or terrorize an innocent law abiding citizen. The cops fucked up by not searching him properly but I don't have a problem with his stupid ass getting shot after that.

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    • felterupgood April 22, 2017


      Just look at him "he's guilty" Shoot that piece of shit in the back, front, side or wherever

      forget his rights and kill him...

      You do know that he could have killed a couple cops and escaped later.

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  •   rockinron May 17, 2014

    good job officer, if he shot out my window i woulda shot his dumb ass dead too!

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  • hmk421 December 5, 2014

    You were drunk when you wrote this, weren't ya?

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