Speed Like An Asshole And Here's What You Get

Who's to blame here? The douchebag bikers speeding on the city street or the SUV driver trying to make a turn. Or should I say, who's to thank? Because that was fucking awesome. I say he had it coming.

  • potrostation May 17, 2014

    Speeding like an asshole is most of reason for having a bike. 1st rule is; you're invisible to traffic ride accordingly.

  • thunderbutt May 17, 2014


  • vulture May 17, 2014

    idiot got off lightly

  • goodster May 17, 2014

    That injury wasn't even worth the insurance premium jump.

  • solidbriscoe May 17, 2014

    My heart leapt with gladness. Then sank in disappointment when no one died.

  • m1009 May 17, 2014

    I see all these bumper stickers saying "Watch out for Motorcycles" now i know why

  • honkie365 May 17, 2014

    He should have broken his fucking neck.

  • kanada May 17, 2014

    He should've deployed his parachute.

  • rockinron May 17, 2014

    he should've landed on that little fuckin gieco lizard!

  • fistermister May 17, 2014

    I want to fly like an eagle

    To the sea

    Fly like an eagle

    Let my spirit carry me

    I want to fly like an eagle

    Till I'm free

    Oh, Lord, through the revolution

  • rockinron May 17, 2014

    quick take off his helmet and see if his necks broke!! SMMFH!

  • captjim May 18, 2014

    First thing they taught me when I started to ride was... if someone CAN pull in front of you, always assume they WILL even if you have the right of way. And here I sit before you to convey that information to you.

  • rockinron May 18, 2014

    ^in his wheel chair!

  • pussysurveyor May 18, 2014

    "bikers", you assfuckers, do not ride little puke japshitbikes.

  • cornholio May 22, 2014

    I give him a 5 he didn't stick the landing

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