Be careful what you ask for

Big Jeff
24,581 Views 4 years ago

If a knock out is what you wanted your prayers didn't fall on deaf ears. This video goes to further prove why I think beating the absolute shit out of someone and throwing a few kicks and punches to their head after they stop is good. It would give this dude a little “act right” to remember.

  • xizang May 19, 2014

    Black Boy was counting on 2 or 3 of his brothers to step in and help him against the white guy.

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  • x-treme1 May 19, 2014

    First of all, xizang is correct, I was amazed they played by white people rules. Second, I've never seen a video where the guy that got his bell rung got back up and won the fight. Why would you go back for seconds?

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  •   fistermister May 19, 2014

    I guess fighting is not his cup of tea but he does a real good job at getting knocked the fuck out.

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  •   vulture May 19, 2014

    looks like he suffered a blackout...twice

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  •   rockinron May 19, 2014

    massa done tolds you once boy, stays da fuck down !!!

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  •   dozer67 May 19, 2014

    He fucking knocked his head plain off his shoulders, look at the hat!

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  •   dozer67 May 19, 2014

    Black people do love the knockouts give one get one it's all good.

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  • gt3071r May 19, 2014

    First knock out video I've seen with black people and no one yelled 'world star' to the top of their lungs for 26 seconds straight.

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  • solidbriscoe May 19, 2014

    Walk and snooze of shame. Silly Hawaiians..

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  • anomalous May 19, 2014

    A black pain freak. That's new.

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  •   happyjack May 19, 2014

    Brotha was asking for it. The way he was standing with his feet together facing the guy he wasn't in a position to take or throw a punch. But he should have tapped out after the first incident. Judging by his body language he was drunk,but his lady should have took him home a little sooner.

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  • englishgent May 19, 2014

    Pathetic. Grown men acting like school children....good fun though.

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  •   big_jeffrey72 May 19, 2014

    ^in depth research

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  • eat3beans May 20, 2014

    Surely didn't knock the stupid out of him

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  • honkie365 May 20, 2014

    Was the sidewalk hurt?

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  • beetzter May 20, 2014

    And there he falls the wanna be Gangster Black piece of shit

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  • biggertalk May 20, 2014

    notyourkind you said you aren't even white but probably darker than me, so you're a spic then?

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  • boofano May 20, 2014

    uncivilised natives …...

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  •   happyjack May 20, 2014

    @notyourkind what your friend has isn't's tolerance for his obnoxious friend.

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  •   happyjack May 21, 2014

    ^^^^^You start by stating a false stereotype and end by stating that false stereotypes don't exist. You talk as though only your black buddies who meet your standards of approval are the only cool black people on the planet. On the flip side I'd look down my nose at you and judge you as a white person I would stay away from because that backward hillbilly way of thinking is a thing of the past. You see what it did for Donald Sterling right bub?

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  • cellule May 21, 2014

    ^^ That was interesting. Because of that I forgot what happens in the vid', so I'll go with the flow & bitch about the ni..ehhh, the black dude.

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  •   happyjack May 22, 2014

    ^^^^^^only on the Internet can you say things that contradict yourself and act like you are making sense. Just read your last few posts. But thanks for trying to explain life to me.

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  •   happyjack May 22, 2014

    ^^^^won what??? You are taking this website way too seriously, comparing me to the matrix lol. But you are right nobody gives a shit about this.....correct.

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