Mystery of how chicks get into skinny jeans

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You ever wonder how those chicks get into skinny jeans? Well know we know that if you want to get into a pair of jeans that are probably three sizes too small, you have to jump around, hop on one leg. Lay on the bed and wiggle around, and whatever you can do to get those jean on. Ironically enough, after a few drinks and a roofie, those fucking jeans come right off.

  • xizang May 23, 2014

    What keeps her feet from turning purple?

  • xizang May 23, 2014

    Decent looking woman in the video, by the way.

  • fistermister May 23, 2014

    I could careless how they get into them, I want to know how to get them out of skinny jeans.

  • happyjack May 23, 2014

    And that's just how the girls with no ass to speak of do it!

  • dozer67 May 23, 2014

    BS.. those buttons are sewed on better than the stitching on a skydivers parachute..

  • crazyvet May 23, 2014

    Next time she will just have them painted on.

  • sirfartsalot May 23, 2014

    To get them out you use either Vodka or Tequila mixed with a MDMA seems to work.

  • solidbriscoe May 23, 2014

    And the pockets on men's jeans are fully fuctional. As opposed to pockets on women's jeans... Fictional...

  • cellule May 23, 2014

    What about lube? Spit, gease, something..? Or shaving your legs, the 'velcro effect'..??

  • rockinron May 23, 2014

    fuck that i want a woman with some meat on her bones.

  • madkraze May 23, 2014

    U should how hard they to tale them off .hint They suck

  • wifebeater2000 May 23, 2014

    its probly easier to get in her moms ass

  • englishgent May 23, 2014

    I would love to eat her snatch.

  • goodster May 23, 2014

    Fuck that!! I have a hard enough time putting on a pair socks!

  • vaticider May 23, 2014

    I crossed a rib just watching.

  • tonyk May 24, 2014

    This video would be way better watched backwards.

  • eat3beans May 24, 2014

    Might as well paint them on

  • pussysurveyor May 25, 2014

    Who cares? Her twat still smells like a rotten mackerel. Yes, bastard, and fuck you.

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