Catch that Baby

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First off, who's throwing a baby? And why are they throwing a baby? Is it this guy throwing a baby again? Second, nice catch bro, you are a ballar. Third off, what the fuck lady? What is that cardboard going to do? Pad the baby's fall when it bounces off the ground. At least one thing is proven, there is one person in Asian that cares, and it's that guy.

  •   fistermister May 23, 2014

    You can tell he don't play for the Oakland Raiders, He would've dropped it.

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  •   dozer67 May 23, 2014

    The cardboard box was to put the dead baby in, if he missed.

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  •   crazyvet May 23, 2014

    Nice job Ho Chi.

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  • solidbriscoe May 23, 2014

    You pedophile...

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  • thunderbutt May 23, 2014

    Even the stork won't land there.

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  • cellule May 23, 2014

    The question is: how fast was the moped going?

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  •   rockinron May 23, 2014

    whats the use? the poor kids just gonna get run over by his mom or in traffic next week

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  • ghosthunter May 23, 2014

    Caught it like a NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT!

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  • lobster May 23, 2014

    They should make the baby toss an olympic event

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  • kanada May 23, 2014

    If the dumpster was closer to the window they wouldn't need any help disposing their kid. We need more stickers on the subject of child disposal in Asia.

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  • pinkdildolickr May 23, 2014

    @ghosthunter If that was the case he would have caught the baby and then shot him and the rest of the babies family and then got a tattoo memorializing the murders on his arms...

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  • itsame May 23, 2014

    Loving how those women threw shit in front of those guys trying to trip them while they were moving in place to make the catch. And where were that kids clothes?

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  • captjim May 24, 2014

    Obviously not a Browns receiver

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