Brush your dick after every meal

Big Jeff
37,937 Views 2 years ago

What is it with people today? They are always trying to reinvent the wheel, like my current dick cleaning measures are not enough. I'll keep soaping my dick as usual and let this guy worry about scrubbing his prostate.

  • tonyk May 26, 2014

    She could suck his dick and brush her teeth at the same time.

  • potrostation May 26, 2014

    From the hot naked chicks firing AR's to this torture. My dick got whiplash recoiling.

  • marcodufour May 26, 2014

    Maybe she thinks it will tickle her clit?

  • xizang May 26, 2014

    I've never seen a toothbrush that dispensed its own toothpaste! What an invention!

    Here's an idea: Superglue the toothbrush in the penis, slice off the penis, and presto! She has a nice toothbrush with an ergonomically shaped handle.

  • crazyvet May 26, 2014

    It is only fair that if you want to stick that thing into her that you let her stick shit in you.

  • dozer67 May 26, 2014

    That is some sick twisted shit...HE has a belly ring =gay.

  • fistermister May 26, 2014

    Faggot is faggot does.

  • toreal May 26, 2014

    White people are some weird fuckers!

  • xizang May 26, 2014

    Black people are the weirdest fuckers!

  • cellule May 26, 2014

    Real guys uses the toilet brush.

  • preferemshaved May 26, 2014

    Now do it with a sonic care pussy

  • eat3beans May 26, 2014

    How much semen has landed on that belly button ring?

  • bennyboy19 May 26, 2014

    gay as hell. But it could be worse, like the vid of a penis fucking the inside of another dick.

  • solidbriscoe May 26, 2014

    No. Not having it.

  • rockinron May 26, 2014

    you gotta be one fucked up dude to have a hot chick in bed and only want her to fuck you with a tooth brush in your pee hole. must be daddy wasn't hard enough on you or in you as a small boy.

  • vaticider May 27, 2014

    Someone needs a fucking hobby.

  • wardo56 May 27, 2014

    I was expecting brush in first. Once again Crazyshit disappoints.

  • outlawscumbag May 29, 2014

    She just dubbed her new toothbrush holder.

  • crabhawk December 26, 2015

    May I have another infection please

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