How does that bike taste

Big Jeff
14,438 Views 2 years ago

I know in certain parts of the world MotoGP is cool, but I don't live in that part. Fuck that shit I'll keep my bones unbroken and teeth in my skull.

  • preferemshaved June 2, 2014

    It tastes a few days old as I saw it on here last week.

  • vulture June 2, 2014

    obviously he survived the last attack...will he survive this one

  • fistermister June 2, 2014

    Welcome back Henry.

  • solidbriscoe June 2, 2014

    Et tu big Jeff?

  • ouch June 2, 2014

    Ya can tell that they don't watch their own site. Maybe that should be rule 1. Watch CS every day and stay off the bongs. Nice one Big Jeff

  • bennyboy19 June 2, 2014

    Lame repost.

  • xizang June 2, 2014

    Like he said, Deja-Vu all over again.

  • donunderstan June 3, 2014

    Look up from jackin' it for this?

  • cellule June 3, 2014

    Still, a GP crouch-rocket can't beat a moped. We need the 'surprise-surprise!' factor.. and wouded asians..

  • rockinron June 3, 2014

    wtf? nigger please jeff!

  • goodster June 3, 2014

    Don't worry everyone. Jay will repost it again this weekend with a new heading so we can get a real good look at it.

  • cellule June 3, 2014

    @goodster : I hope the pilot will change his race-line because after two times, he should learn..

  • donunderstan June 4, 2014

    Ring, ring, ring. JAY! ITS YO MAMA. SHE SAYS \"stop phonin'it in son. You know it messes wit' your auntie Mildred's sinuses! Damn gifildefuckers,....ooy!

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