Where's the shit cloud

Big Jeff
17,666 Views 2 years ago

For as a certified diver cliff diving is iffy enough because of the danger of shallow rocks. The ocean is always an iffy thing thanks to jaws. Combining them is a instant no go. If it were me I'd be well protected in a cloud of sewage...unless it's a Japanese shark.

  • donunderstan June 16, 2014

    No shit cloud but he DID inhale 10lbs of seaweed up his ass.

  • xizang June 16, 2014

    I'm highly disappointed. I wanted to see footage of him being bitten in half.

  • ghosthunter June 16, 2014

    How fast can you tread water BITCH!

  • cellule June 16, 2014

    The shark gave him some time before, he does'nt like eating shit...

  • solidbriscoe June 16, 2014

    I wouldn't have jumped without my trusty, well oiled knives. We'd all dine on stark steaks...

  • shadow83222 June 16, 2014

    Fake....Watch the shark glitch at 59 seconds in...

  • rockinron June 16, 2014

    this is as fake as my sisters tits!

  • norwegiandrunk June 16, 2014

    fake and gay

  • fistermister June 16, 2014

    Don't worry bro, sharks don't eat PUSSY!

  • oldunclejohn June 17, 2014

    Well I bet he doesn't need any extreme sports for a while!

  • handsomedevil June 17, 2014

    he must be into dark meat.

  • snikwad75 June 17, 2014

    I for one was hoping the shark would have got them I would have loved to help his girl through the grieving process

  • unknownwtf June 19, 2014

    FUUUYYYUCK THAT.!!!!!!!!!!

  • unknownwtf June 19, 2014

    I'll stay here in Kansas were the cats can only eat you if your 3'tall or less or not kickin any more.

  • jackpot June 19, 2014

    Fake. That wasn't even salt water.

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