Fake Parkour Chase With Real Fail

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Adam H.
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Well obviously this whole scenario of a thief stealing his phone is fake as fuck, and I resent them thinking we're stupid enough to believe it. But it is kind of cool and it has a happy ending we can all enjoy.

  • unknownwtf June 21, 2014

    Fake ass shit. lol well up to the point were Numb nuts almost kills his self.

  • happyjack June 21, 2014

    Gay porn sure has a long storyline. I'm glad they didn't show the part where he gives him mouth to penis to revive him.

  • potrostation June 21, 2014

    What do you mean fake? You don't walk around with a Go Pro strapped to your forehead?

  • big_daddy305 June 21, 2014

    Darth Vader before he learned to use The Force.

  • solidbriscoe June 21, 2014

    Sounds like he's fucking a fat chick.

  • donunderstan June 21, 2014

    Wadda FAG!

  • corruptedsob June 21, 2014

    God Dam ..... I got dizzy just watching that

  • seamorebuts June 22, 2014

    thats fucking awsome

  • rockinron June 22, 2014

    LOVED THE MONEY SHOT! so was it a comma or did he bite the big one?

  • dozer67 June 23, 2014

    Fake who cares that much about a cell phone these days.. the thief esp..

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