Don't lose your head over it

Big Jeff
25,578 Views 2 years ago

I would love to go to another country someday, but every time I see this I instantly remember why south of the US never comes to mind on my ideas of a good place to visit. I think I'll just resort to videos on here to experience the world.

  • tuck8541 July 7, 2014

    Now that's why you don't play goalie for a third world country!

  • crazyvet July 7, 2014

    All you camel fucking, Allah worshiping, sand niggers need to learn how to use a real knife like our Central and South Americans.

  • vulture July 7, 2014

    comes to something when the executioner has to shown how to use a knife

  • okie July 7, 2014

    That's why when I go to Mexico I stay in the resort and don't leave the premises!

  • fistermister July 7, 2014

    .....and he was only short 2 pesos.

  • thunderbutt July 7, 2014

    What is so fucking hard about cutting off someones head????

  • rockinron July 7, 2014

    i like the way he had a full body orgasm when the guy hacked thru his neck bone.

  • solidbriscoe July 7, 2014

    Looks like they're fixing to play a little game of futbol.

  • johnhancock July 7, 2014

    Amateur needed help

  • junkhunter July 7, 2014

    @okie Why would want to go someplace where you have to stay in the resort and not leave the premises.

    Fuck mexico, Boycott mexico.

  • ouch July 7, 2014


  • cellule July 7, 2014

    Beaaaner..♫ Beaaaaaner ♪ Beaaaaner beans ♫ Beaaaner gonna (..) ♫ Kick you in the face..♪

  • drinktilyadrop July 7, 2014

    That's what happens when you hire union workers. Two guys doin all the work and the rest of em just standen around watchen

  • vaticider July 7, 2014

    Never go anywhere that you can't buy your way out of.

  • austinlorenzo July 7, 2014

    it amazing how easy you can cut some bodys head off!! real easy!!

  • longhungwong July 8, 2014

    Those helmets remind me of Space Balls with Rick Moranis.

  • rodeye2 July 8, 2014

    You should be sooooo proud of yourself.

  • mykejp July 8, 2014

    Talk about a hack job.

  • captjim July 8, 2014

    All these BBQs on the 4th....

  • tibiafinger July 8, 2014

    Why do these guys never fight back or at least take a chance and try to run. I'd rather take a bullet in the back. then to just kneel there and die.

  • outlawscumbag July 9, 2014

    Time for shredded fajitas.

  • iamapocalypse July 9, 2014

    Guess they didn't find being tit rolled and ouched funny. Sensitive bastards

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