Newest dance craze

Big Jeff
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Well yet another awkward dance craze from the hood. These fellas have come up with a dance that is so crazy, they actually got arrested for dancing in public. Come to think of it, if I seen these guys, I'd hide my kids and wife, and call the cops.

  • crazyvet July 7, 2014

    I knew some niggers have orange dicks. I always thought it was just a story, but here it is. Guess they are part Swedish.

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  • fistermister July 7, 2014

    See even he admits being stupid is part of his heritage.

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  • vulture July 7, 2014

    and any women wishing to take part must have 2foot extended tits

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  • shadow83222 July 7, 2014

    "DO a flip faggot"

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  • solidbriscoe July 7, 2014

    \"Ain't nobody got time for that.\"

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  • rockinron July 7, 2014

    just shows how the black morons keep trying to cause trouble and stick out in society. then when people start giving them shit for acting like total fucktards doing shit like this, they get all racism on the whiteman and start blaming it all on whitey holding them down. niggers like these fucktards are the one's that make the whole race look like idiots. black folks are good people for the most part. these guys here are the niggers at the center of fucking things up for the black man. says the white cracker rockinron!.......fuck you

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  • coonboy July 7, 2014

    The bitch in the background with a fly swat makes the video.

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  • johnhancock July 7, 2014

    What faggots.. What kinda group of friends sit there and come up with some gay shit like that? .. Mom is like It's better than them smoking and doing drugs right? (back of her mind shes like Fucking faggots should try some!

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  • wifebeater2000 July 7, 2014

    yes u black bitch they could be doing other things like finding a fucking job

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  • showmeurtits July 7, 2014

    LMAO.... @2:20 the fucker is picking fleas off his proxy dick!

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  • lobster July 7, 2014

    black people

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  • honkie365 July 7, 2014

    I used to be amazed, now I'm just amused.

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  • ouch July 7, 2014

    If they change the word from Wiggle to Nigger in that I'm sexy and I know it song it might get more laughs.......What, It's not a joke?

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  • ouch July 7, 2014


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  • cellule July 7, 2014

    Jam Master Jay is happy they were'nt listening to Run DMC.

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  • happyjack July 7, 2014

    @rockinron guys like you who claim black folks play the race card too much are the same guys who encourage the card to be played. The words that you use nigger, nigga, etc is the same derogatory terms that were used against black during slavery years. I hear people calling for black people to get over slavery and racism etc, well you aren't doing much to move beyond those days either. The same way you judge niggers and black folks, your own people are judging you. Your mindset is outdated and backward Are you a good a good represenative of your own race?

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  • feelnlow July 7, 2014

    when he said "It's called Wubbing" I could hear Elmer Fudd saying "OH That wascally Wabbit is Wubbing Again"

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  • cellule July 7, 2014

    @happyjack : For many, the word 'nigger' is'nt worse than ginger, cripplet, beaner, fattie, douchebag, etc...

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  • honkie365 July 8, 2014

    The derogatory "N" word denotes no race. It is, according to Daniel Webster, "the lowest form of human life."

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  • rodeye2 July 8, 2014

    So 9 out of 10 black men wish they had a big cock,heres the proof.

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  • mykejp July 8, 2014

    Looks like something out of \"Loiter Squad\".

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  • zmolez July 8, 2014

    Took a lot of brains to come up with that one!

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  • albanian123456 July 8, 2014


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  • albanian123456 July 8, 2014


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  • tibiafinger July 8, 2014

    Faggady Punk ass gay.

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